Declaration of Freedom and Fairness on the Association’s Activities The Women’s Studies Association of Japan

Adopted by the General Assembly 10 June 2006

Purpose of the Declaration

For every member of the Women’s Studies Association of Japan (hereinafter “the Association”), in order to conduct her/his activities freely within the framework of the Association, it is essential to have fair and equitable relationship among the members, without violation of human rights, unjust discrimination or harassment, or abusive study activities. This declaration is to reaffirm the basic attitudes of the Association to develop an environment for the members to sufficiently carry out the Association’s activities. The Articles of the Association states its goals and objectives:

  1. To eliminate all forms of gender discrimination;
  2. To establish women’s studies that cross between academic systems and;
  3. To exchange information and research results to facilitate the above goals.

We, the members confirm in this Declaration that the members shall not do any activities contrary to the Association’s objectives and goals or enforce any forms of discrimination. In addition, we confirm that each member shall consider harassment as a recent social issue, and shall not conduct such acts.

  1. A member shall not enforce any forms of discrimination based on race, ethnical group or nation, nationality, religion, mental or physical impediment, family origin, age, appearance, gender, self-identity of gender, sexual orientation, civil status, whether a person has a child or not, and so forth.
  2. A member shall carry out his/her studies and research in a fair manner, shall respect privacies and personal rights of the collaborators and shall not act against their benefits.
  3. A member shall not enforce any forms of sexual harassment or academic harassment against those he/she provides guidance/teachings including undergraduate and graduate students, researchers with doctor degrees or post-doctors as well as faculty and private staff and colleagues.
  4. A member shall not exploit others by taking advantage of his/her professional position such as a direct/indirect supervisor, a teacher or an instructor, or an evaluator.
  5. A member shall carry out the Association’s activities in a fair manner. The Association’s activities include editing and publishing of the newsletter, organizing and managing assemblies and study meetings, participating and making presentations at those meetings, and all other matters relating to managing the Association.
  6. For achievement of this Declaration, the Association shall develop new rules and guidelines accordingly if necessary.