WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol.2 (1994)

Journal of Women’s Studies Association of Japan

WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol.2 (1994)

Edited by the Editorial Committee of the Women’s Studies Association of Japan


Welfare and Women : Welfare Policy for the Elderly and a Feminist Point of View MATSUMOTO Chizuko
Woman and the Capitalism: The Development of Marxist Feminist Frameworks FURUTA Mutsumi
Feminism as the Principles of Resistance for Liberalism KUWABARA Itoko
Toni Morrison’s Beloved and the American Politics of “Othering”: Race as Entrance to and Gender as Exit from the Colonial Discourse NITTA Keiko
On the Plan and the Publication of the Ladies’ Encyclopedia in France (1821-1823) : Limits and Significance KOYAMA Misako
Sexism in English Textbooks: How Could Japanese Possibly Survive in the “Internationalized” World? SASAKI Eri
The Formation of Male Ideology and Japanese Society: Mizuko Belief : An Intrigue (The First Paper) MIZOKUCHI Akiyo

Published by The Women’s Studies Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan