WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol.6 (1998)

Journal of Women’s Studies Association of Japan

WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol.6 (1998)

Edited by the Editorial Committee of the Women’s Studies Association of Japan


Special Issue: Interrogating “Gender” from the Educational Front
Gender-Free Education in Primary and Secondary Schools and Its Linkage to Women’s Studies TACHI Kaoru
The Reproduction of Gender Roles in Reading Materials: What Children Read during the Period of Building Self-Identity MORIMOTO Eriko
Getting Citizen’s Rights for “Gender”: Starting from the Diversification of Sex Education OTA Fumiko
Co-Education and Gender Equality in Japanese Schools KAYA Emiko
Advanced Curriculum in Women’s Studies: A Report from Osaka Women’s University HAGIWARA Hiroko & FUNABASHI Kuniko
Reconsidering Women’s Studies from the “Margin”: Toward the Next Stage of Japanese Women’s Studies KANAI Yoshiko
“Women’s Suffrage” in Newspapers after the Defeat in World War II: Discourse and Gender SAITO Masami
“Women’s Characteristics” and Technological Innovations: Women’s Work and Technology in the United States during World War II SATO Chitose
Exploring Language. Gender and Power: The New Horizons of Language and Gender Studies YUKAWA Sumiyuki
Palestinian NGO in West Bank Concerned about Women’s Issues KOBAYASHI Toshiko
Book Review:
MISHIMA Yukio: The Body as a Sacrifice-Elysium of Death without “Woman” by WATANABE Mieko KITADA Sachie

Published by The Women’s Studies Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan