WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol. 14 (2006)

Journal of Women’s Studies Association of Japan

WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol. 14 (2006)

Edited by the Editorial Committee of the Women’s Studies Association of Japan


Special Issue: Power and Trauma Connected With Gender
Violence and Trauma: What I Learned from Clinical Experience with Victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence MIYAJI Naoko
Against Structural Violence OGOSHI Aiko
“Violence” and Education from a Feminist Perspective KIMURA Ryoko
Prostitution and Sexual Freedom SHIMOJI Masaki
The Origin of Second-Wave Feminism in the UK: Equal Pay Demands from the Ruskin Conference TOMINAGA Takahiro
The Mourning “Mothers”: Problems of the Feminist Subject and a Fetus MATSUURA Yumiko

Published by The Women’s Studies Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan