WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol. 19 (2011)

Journal of Women’s Studies Association of Japan

WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol. 19 (2011)

Edited by the Editorial Committee of the Women’s Studies Association of Japan


Special Issue: Can Social Policy Be Neutral to Diverse Lifestyles?
The Fairness of Life Styles and the Modern Family SENDA Yuki
Two Worlds of “Work-Life Balance” HAGIWALA Kumiko
An Analysis of the Deterioration of the Child Allowance Policy in Japan from the Perspective of Gender KITA Akemi
Constructing the Relationship between Transgenders and the Sexual Majority: From the Stories of Transgender Group Organizers ISHI Yukari
Care Workers and Gendered Jobs: A Study of the Mechanisms of Men’s Superiority at Work in Women’s Jobs SHIMAHARA Mie
The Transformation in Awareness among Disabled Women during the Disabled Persons’ Movement of the 1970s: Focus on “Fujin-bu (Women’s Division)” of Kanagawa Joint Association of Aoi-shiba NIKAIDO Yuko
Research Note:
The Hierarchical Relationships among Masculinities and Gender Order: Rethinking the Concept of Hegemonic Masculinity KAWAGUCHI Ryo
Debate over Single-sex and Coed Education in the Primary and the Secondary Education in the United States MIYAKE Eriko

Published by The Women’s Studies Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan