WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol. 17 (2009)

Journal of Women’s Studies Association of Japan

WOMEN’S STUDIES Vol. 17 (2009)

Edited by the Editorial Committee of the Women’s Studies Association of Japan


Special Issue: Querying Poverty and Labor from a Gender Perspective
A Single Woman: Speaking as “the Other Woman” in Feminism or Engaging in “the Other Woman” in Myself KURITA Ryouko
Single Mothers: A Discussion with the Women’s Studies Association of Japan AKAISHI Chieko
Women’s Studies: Its Needs to Develop its Own Interdisciplinary Foundation TANAKA Kazuko
An Analysis of the Increase and the Variety of Local Women Legislators in Japan: Career Paths of Women’s Candidates in Local Elections OKI Naoko
Complicated Gender Factors in the Enactment of the Spouse Visa in the Japanese 1982 Immigration law: A Case of Counter Action by The Association for Multi-Cultural Families (AMF) KOBAYASHI Junko
Analysis of Experienced Employees in Women’s Centers: Their Ability and its Interrelationship NAITO Kazumi
Prenatal Testing: Disentangling Solidarity from Conflicts between Feminists and Disability Activists HAYASHI Chiaki

Published by The Women’s Studies Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan